Do you want to combine relaxation, health and entertainment?


    Turkish bath will be your right choice. Our bath, bequeathed to us from ancient times, the most beautiful example of a rest and getting rid of all stress. 
    Welcome to the Turkish baths, which operate separately and are designed for both men and women. Repeatedly proven by science that marbles, which are paved in these baths, eliminating the human body from negative energy. 
    The body is cleared of dead cells, infections and colds, improves blood circulation and calm down nervous system. But the main feature of the Turkish bath is a massage with kise and foam. With the help of kise you wipes the entire body, clears the skin of dead cells, and the skin gets to breath more comfortably. 
    Thus, using kise and foam massage discarded all the harmful toxins from the body.



    As a result of the above mentioned your body becomes as soft as baby s skin and get a natural look.


    Nice and friendly staff, excellent service and soothing rhythms of the music will decorate your holiday. The smiles on the faces of our customers - this is the true price of our work. Dear guests of our city, we invite you to a new Health and Recreation Center, which is unique in our city.