Sweet Home Sehirli Tandir

Confectionery "Sehirli Tandir" started its activity in May 2008, is located in the center of

Sheki city in the prospectus of M. E. Rasulzade.

The confectionery is equipped with modern equipment, provides residents and guests with a variety of sweets. Based on the local style,


Sweet Home Aliahmed

For many centuries in the human mind, the idea arose to find a need for satisfaction.

The needs, which are the result of the constant vital demand in history,

became the basis of the great discoveries that opened the way in culture to technological progress.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on horseback be safely and cognitively considered healty.

Fortunately for this Sheki has all the possibilities.

Horseback riding: Training on horseback 1 hour, Horse rental 1 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour, Horse rental with trainer 1 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour.


Wine Digustation

For today white and rtd wine perfectly decorate tables. But the rose wine has not yet reached it is popularity.

Alongside the species of color they are still divided according to they tastes.

Red wine is usually offered for hot dishes red meat and cheese.


Palace of Sheki Khans

The most outstanding and valuable monument of the 18th century Azerbaijan is Sheki Khans' palace.

It was constructed in 1761 - 1762 as a summer residence of Hussein - khan Mushtad (grandson of Gadzhi Chelebi).

The unique beauty two - storied building of the palace amazes,


Albanian Temple in the village of Kish

The tiny village populated with some 7,000 inhabitants may not impress you at first glance.

However, just walk the quiet cobble - stoned streets to the Kish church to see a captivated perspective against a background of lofty mountains.

This temple attracted famous Norwegian explorer and scientist,


Shekihanovs' House

Shekihanovs' house located in the city of Sheki, in Azerbaijan.

It was built in the second half of the 18th century with the side of Mohammad Husein Khan.

The Shekihanovs' house is built of damp brick. The house is two - storey, includes 6 rooms, 4 corridors.


Museum of M.F. Akhundov

Sheki has several museums. One of them is the Museum of M.F. Akhundov.

This museum is located in the first district, on M.F. Akhundov street.

The museum was created in 1940 year. It is estimated that this building was built in 1800 year. The writer spent a part of his childhood here.


SEMA House

Total area 200 sq. m two storey villa for guests.

Spacious yard (BBQ, samovar) and parking.

On the first flour 3 bedrooms (2 double, 1 twin), kitchen, bathroom, WC. On the seconds flour 2 bedrooms (1 double, 1 twin), holl with mountain views, bathroom, WC and Jakkuzi.


Khan Chinar Restaurant

It is no secret that the culinary arts of Azerbaijan enjoys continued popularity.

Exclusive Azerbaijani cuisine - dolma, bozbash, bozartma, chikirtma, khashil, kebab, pete, pilav, govurma - included

in national menus of many peoples of the Caucasus.