Illy Espresso House

Espresso - a special way of making coffee, which appeared in the middle of the XX century.

His birthplace Italy. Coffee espresso is very popular throughout the world and, above all, in the south of Europe.

Coffee espresso aroma and taste is different from other coffee.


ELIT - Tea and Billiard Club

You came to Sheki, but you are missing something? Then you must visit the Tea Billiard Club "ELIT".

Here you will find a high - maintenance, alcoholic and soft drinks, hookah, fruit salads, desserts.

All this you can order directly in the billiard hall and spend a,


VIP Club

Cozy, entertaining complex VIP Club, functioning since 2010, provides a hospitable and warm welcome, which includes the following services:

Play Station Hall, Karaoke Hall, Billiard Hall, Pub, Egyptian Hookah, European cuisine, free service "Sober Driver".

VIP Club offers its clients Azerbaijani tea, various alcoholic and,


Fitness / Health and Recreation Centre

Are you interested in your health, in addition to a perfect holiday?

If you want to look more healthy and more beautiful, fitness center and pilates that work for you, also at your disposal.

These rooms have all the necessary conditions for training. Large rooms, mirrors, weights, sports rugs, balls and other high quality,


Spa / Health and Recreation Centre

In addition to recreation and health, would like to have some fun?

And again our complex at your disposal!

A variety of services offered for men, women and children like a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, Turkish bath and different types of massage will please you both in quality and price.


Turkish Bath / Health and Recreation Centre

Do you want to combine relaxation, health and entertainment?

Turkish bath will be your right choice. Our bath, bequeathed to us from ancient times, the most beautiful example of a rest and getting rid of all stress.

Welcome to the Turkish baths, which operate separately and are,


Massage / Health and Recreation Centre

Massage improves circulation, regulates the activity of internal organs. During the treatment of diseases, therapeutic massage is recommended by doctors.

Classic massage,

Soapy massage,