Are you interested in your health, in addition to a perfect holiday?


    If you want to look more healthy and more beautiful, fitness center and pilates that work for you, also at your disposal. These rooms have all the necessary conditions for training. Large rooms, mirrors, weights, sports rugs, balls and other high quality equipment in your services. With the help of professional training equipments you can get a good shape. You can achieve it under the direction of a qualified trainer as well as  an independent one. Room temperature is 24 degrees in winter and in summer 22 degrees. 
    Our clients will definitely like the pool with 16 m length and 6 m wide. The water temperature in the pool during the summer is 26 - 28 C and in winter 28 - 30 C. 
    During the day, the water passes through the powerful germicidal devices and filters cleaned in detoxifying.



    Medical services in our complex are designed for men, women and children.


    Nice and friendly staff, excellent service and soothing rhythms of the music will decorate your holiday. The smiles on the faces of our customers - this is the true price of our work. Dear guests of our city, we invite you to a new Health and Recreation Center, which is unique in our city.