Massage before our era was used as a health purpose in South Africa. After that, the massage was widely distributed among the peoples of Indonesia.


    The massage improves elasticity and agility of the muscle, enhances its strength. For example, after a 5 minute massage, work ability of tired muscles increases 3 - 7 times. The use of massage as a result of injury and illness is a very good result. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain. Lymphatic and blood circulation improves in the joints due to massage.


    Room with massage should be light and the temperature should be 20 - 24 degrees.


    Many types of massage are widely used in Azerbaijan. Many hotels in Azerbaijan have massage services.


    Isam Hotel & Spa located in Sheki also operates the Massage service. Issam Hotel & Spa is open to anyone who chooses health.