In Azerbaijan since ancient times they have been breeding horses. Today there are more than 425 breeds of horses around the world, two of which appeared in Azerbaijan - the Karabakh and the Dilboz breed. These two breeds of horses are the pride of the Azerbaijani people.


    From ancient times games were held with the participation of horses in different countries.


    Azerbaijan is a convenient location for the development of Equestrian tourism.


    Equestrian tourism is considered an elite type of dynamic recreation. Horseback riding is different: it can be extreme races over rough terrain, or maybe a quiet walk, when you just relax and enjoy the beautiful views. Many tourists choose horse tours, which are designed for several days. Horseriding, in addition to pleasure, can be beneficial for health.


    Among the centers located in the regions, it is possible to mention the "Republican Center of Equestrian Tourism" under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan. It is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the Sheki district - in the village of Dashuz.


    Issam Hotel & Spa offers Equestrian tour in "Equestrian Tourism Center" for tourists visiting our city.