Health and Recreation Centre - operates from May 2012.


    From the first day of work, the complex is trying to provide services to clients at the highest level. In addition to recreation and entertainment, recreation and health center offers clients a physical education exesercises and a wide range of medical services. With the provision of high quality sports and recreational services, we strive to create maximum comfort for leisure, sports, health and good mood. The complex has a large swimming pool, large gym, a separate room for Pankration and Pilates and a restaurant - bar. In addition, sauna with wet and dry steam for both men and women. Here, you can use the services of peeling, scrub of coffee, as well as massage with honey and soap. In winter, the temperature of the sauna is 90 - 100 degrees C and in summer 70 - 90 degrees C.


    Addition to a perfect holiday, you can take time for your health and have fun.


    Nice and friendly staff, excellent service and soothing rhythms of the music will decorate your holiday. The smiles on the faces of our customers - this is the true price of our work. Dear guests of our city, we invite you to a new health and recreation center, which is unique in our city. Car parking is located in the complex.