Sheki piti - Master Class

Sheki Piti is one of the most famous national dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine.

Peculiar kind of taste and the rule of food, it differs not only from Azerbaijani dishes but also from world cuisine.

Despite the light and simple appearance of Sheki piti requires special,


Pomegranate Holiday

The holiday of a pomegranate is a holiday, which is celebrated annually in Azerbaijan during the days of grenade gathering.

On the days of the holiday, in the city of Goychay, considered the center of Azerbaijan's grenadiership, exhibitions are held where gardeners

demonstrate various grades of pomegranate, pomegranate juices, jams,


Europa in Sheki

Everyone who wants to get acquainted with European countries, their culture and traditions,

and everyone who wants to have fun, are invited to the "European Campaign" (September 22-23), which will be held in Sheki.

An unforgettable, cheerful day awaits you at the fair of European,


Illy Espresso House

Espresso - a special way of making coffee, which appeared in the middle of the XX century.

His birthplace Italy. Coffee espresso is very popular throughout the world and, above all, in the south of Europe.

Coffee espresso aroma and taste is different from other coffee.


Ovchular (Hunters) Restaurant

In Sheki almost everywhere deliciously prepared, but this small and very colorful restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

The restaurant is located almost in the center of town on the road to the "Palace of Sheki Khans."

Tasty and inexpensive food, excellent service and it is among these,


AFRA Hotel

Hotel AFRA - located at the foot of the Greater Caucasus mountains is located far from the city noise.

The hotel offers 34 rooms and 4 villas with all amenities and friendly staff.

The offered villas are the perfect choice for a holiday with family,


Sheki Service Hotel

Hotel Service is located in Sheki. The hotel offers free WiFi, a restaurant, a games room and free private parking.

For comfort of the rooms have air conditioning, flat - screen TV and a private bathroom with bathrobes.

At leisure, look into the game room, for sure there you will find,


9 new tourism companies were created in Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism last year licensed 9 companies to engage in tourism activities.

Let us note that the companies licensed in July are licensed by

"Ze Tour", "Luna Travel", "One Moment Tour", "Kaspi Tour", "Azera Tourism", "Time To Travel", "Mondo Travel", "A La Carte Travel",


Sweet Home Sehirli Tandir

Confectionery "Sehirli Tandir" started its activity in May 2008, is located in the center of

Sheki city in the prospectus of M. E. Rasulzade.

The confectionery is equipped with modern equipment, provides residents and guests with a variety of sweets. Based on the local style,


Sweet Home Aliahmed

For many centuries in the human mind, the idea arose to find a need for satisfaction.

The needs, which are the result of the constant vital demand in history,

became the basis of the great discoveries that opened the way in culture to technological progress.