• Preparation for Novruz holiday in Sheki


    The Novruz holiday will be celebrated in the ancient Sheki region, as it is everywhere in our republic.


    On the eve of the holiday, the Novruz Spring Festival will be held in the territory Sheki Gala walls. The festival will last from March 19 - to March 26.


    The Khan Palace will be decorated with colorful Novruz decor and holiday xoncha. A handicraft fair will be held inside the Gala walls.


    On march 19 early in the morning at the entrance of Gala walls will be national music, dance and greeting with national dress. In the evening holiday bonfire will be made.


    The city celebration will be held on March 20. The event will participate musicians and characters from the Novruz heroes - kechel, kosa.


    We invite local people and everyone who comes to our city to take part in this wonderful holiday event.