• Chalabi Khan Restaurant


    There are many restaurants in Azerbaijan to host wedding ceremonies, birthdays and other events.


    One of them is the "Chalabi Khan" restaurant in Shaki. "Chalabi Khan" restaurant, which combines antiquity and modernity, is different from other restaurants.


    The eye-catching "Chalabi Khan" restaurant will fulfill all your desires. İf you want to celebrate your wedding ceremonies, birthdays, banquets and other events, you have the beautifully decorated banquet halls and chalets of "Chalabi Khan" restaurant. The magnificent 18 and 25-person banquet halls, which are designed with carving, fine patterns, will give you good memories.


    There is no doubt about rich kitchen and service of high quality. Here you can order a menu at an affordable price. Come to "Chalabi Khan" restaurant if you want to be served like khans.