• Pomegranate Holiday


    The holiday of a pomegranate is a holiday, which is celebrated annually in Azerbaijan during the days of grenade gathering. On the days of the holiday, in the city of Goychay, considered the center of Azerbaijan's grenadiership, exhibitions are held where gardeners demonstrate various grades of pomegranate, pomegranate juices, jams, etc.



    From time immemorial garnet is a source of income for local resident. Azerbaijan is considered the only country where all grades of pomegranate grow. In Azerbaijan, grenades also compose poems, compose songs.



    At the exhibitions held on the days of the holiday, such varieties as "Veles", "Shirin", "Gulaysha", "Shikhbaba" are displayed. Everyone has his own taste, color, some even prepare medicinal potions. So, for example, the decoction of the root is used as an anesthetic, the juice is used to stabilize the pressure, the pulp to improve appetite, and to normalize the digestion, wipe the skin of the pomegranate.



    Pomegranate is called crown in Azerbaijan.