• Illy Espresso House


    Espresso - a special way of making coffee, which appeared in the middle of the XX century. His birthplace Italy. Coffee espresso is very popular throughout the world and, above all, in the south of Europe. Coffee espresso aroma and taste is different from other coffee.


    The word "Espresso" means - "quickly prepared for you", and it is literally translated as "fast" or "compressed", "made under pressure".



    To assess the completeness of aroma and taste, it is necessary espresso drink immediately after preparation. This coffee drink is prepared with a special coffee maker. Despite the strong aroma and rich taste, Espresso contains 2 - 3 times less caffeine, than a tea, eastern coffee or soluble coffee. Espresso has a unique taste.


    The world - famous coffee brand "lly Espresso House" was opened in Sheki, the long - awaited. You're looking for all the time, but сan not find where you’ve been dreaming of a place - a place better than you think! The ancient city and feel proud to be a place that will contribute to the tourism sector!



    Address: M.F.Akhundov Avenue, Sheki, Azerbaijan.


    For order: +994 70 224 87 81 / booking@issam.az