• Sweet Home Sehirli Tandir


    Confectionery "Sehirli Tandir" started its activity in May 2008, is located in the center of Sheki city in the prospectus of M. E. Rasulzade.






    The confectionery is equipped with modern equipment, provides residents and guests with a variety of sweets. Based on the local style, sweets and cakes are made without any additives. Here during the day, bake standard cakes of different forms are made within 5 - 15 manats and various sweets adorning your table.






    At the same time you can order cakes of different shapes for birthdays and weddings. Also in the confectionery "Sehirli Tandir", having ordered tea or coffee for breakfast, you can try the sweets prepared by us.






    Adress: Sheki city, M. E. Rasulzade pr.






    For order: +994 70 224 87 81 / booking@issam.az