• Sweet Home Aliahmed


    For many centuries in the human mind, the idea arose to find a need for satisfaction. The needs, which are the result of the constant vital demand in history, became the basis of the great discoveries that opened the way in culture to technological progress.



    The Azerbaijani people gained a wealth of experience in the field of food, processing, storage and their preparation. The work of Shekintsev played an important role in the formation of this great cultural heritage. Traditional Sheki cuisine, distinguished by a special national color, enriches the material culture of Azerbaijan.



    In the 50 years of the 20th century, Aliahmed Aliakber oglu Gaffarov (1918) created a confectionery factory for the production of Sheki Halva. In the first years in this small enterprise worked only himself and his family members. The sweets prepared by him became known not only in Sheki, but also in the nearby areas. Cleanliness and good customer service contribute to further success. Children who grew up in their family tirelessly help their father.



    Children knew about the abilities of the father. They followed the subtleties of his father's work and skillfully studied. After the death of Aliahmad Aliakbar oglu Gaffarova, his children continue their work. To this day in the confectionery work brothers Mamedsaleh and Khosrov. They proudly continue the work of their father. To date, this confectionery has become a workplace for many people big and famous.



    Here they make many different sweets: Sheki Khalva, girmabadam, peshveng, tel khalva, nogul, barama shirni, duyme shirni, bamiya, mindals and etc.


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