• Wine Digustation


    For today white and rtd wine perfectly decorate tables. But the rose wine has not yet reached it is popularity. Alongside the species of color they are still divided according to they tastes.


    Red wine is usually offered for hot dishes red meat and cheese. White wine for cold appetizers of white meat and fish dishes. For desert and fruit is offered a pink wine.




    Wine tasting is a serious busines. 30 ml of room temperature wine poured intotht glass. Then the glass rises above aye level. Attentionis paid to its shades of color. Quality wine will be reflected is shades of brown color.


    Wine of amber and fiery red color predicts about old wine. Red wine is drink in large glass at temperature of 18 - 20 . White wine is drink in slighty smaller glasses at a temperature of 5 - 10.




    Guest and torist of our city are offered tasting local wine of several varieties.


    Sheki Wine Factory was founded in 2006 with a production capacity of 210 000 decalitres. And this is means 280 000 bottles of wine.


    Sheki winery factory started production in the in the territory of Chelebikhan is 0.29304q of land. In the territory are pleaceda building for packing, a building for weights, a building for quest, an office bulding, a building for pump and for other equipment.


    Sheki winery factory was buil with Italian equipment "DELLA TOFFOLA".


    Here are workshops for grapes, for fermentation, for productionand packing of varios brands. And also here in the worshop are installed two bins of equipment for the receptions of whute and red grapes. The plant is provided for two lines; white and red wines, and one line for the productions of elitr wines. Other workshop are provided for the last equipment.










    November 14. 2016 at the international specialized competition Gulustan wine was awarted the wine of the year and the wine Saperavi Reserv silver medal.


    December 16. 2016 at tht fourth international festival 2 at the competition tasting cluster, the wine Mederese was awarteda silver medal.


    From the local varieties of the grapes grown in varios regions of Azerbaijan the company produses Madrasa, Bayan, Shire. And frome europian varieties of grapes Kabarnet, Sovinyon, Merlo, Saperavi, Pino, Noir, Sira, Shardone.


    Wine tasting in carried ib two stages:


    Wine tasting in restaurant Chelebikhan,

    Wine tasting in Sheik winery factory.


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