About massage

Massage before our era was used as a health purpose in South Africa.

After that, the massage was widely distributed among the peoples of Indonesia.

The massage improves elasticity and agility of the muscle, enhances its strength. 


Preparation for Novruz holiday in Sheki

The Novruz holiday will be celebrated in the ancient Sheki region, as it is everywhere in our republic.

On the eve of the holiday, the Novruz Spring Festival will be held in the territory Sheki Gala walls.

The festival will last from March 19 - to March 26.



Chalabi Khan Restaurant

There are many restaurants in Azerbaijan to host wedding ceremonies, birthdays and other events.

One of them is the "Chalabi Khan" restaurant in Shaki.

"Chalabi Khan" restaurant, which combines antiquity and modernity, is different from other restaurants.



Equestrian tourism

In Azerbaijan since ancient times they have been breeding horses. Today there are more than 425 breeds of horses around the world, two of which appeared in Azerbaijan - the Karabakh and the Dilboz breed.

These two breeds of horses are the pride of the Azerbaijani people.

From ancient times games were held with the participation of horses,


Turkish bath

The bath word means "warm". The bath is always a place where people are comfort, clean, healthy, spiritual tranquility, relaxed, and renewal of the soul.

The history of Turkish baths is ancient.

Turkish peoples use Turkish baths widely.




Sauna is a traditional Finnish bath. The first public sauna was constructed as a result of the efforts of the Finnish athletes at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Sauna - A special type of bath with very high temperature.

It causes sweating in steam and high heat baths, 



The meaning of fitness is "to be healthy and to be in shape". Fitness is a type of sport that is derived from a combination of sports motions.

Unlike other types of sports, the main objective in fitness is to elasticize and formulate all the muscles in the body.

Fitness is a kind of sport that acts when dealing with it is different,


About tourism

Tourism is the French word "travel", "trip" means. Tourism is a widespread and most massive form of active recreation.

Every year, thousands of people different countries in the world travel and tourism sector is increasingly developing.

The tourism sector has also developed extensively in Azerbaijan.


Pomegranate Holiday

The holiday of a pomegranate is a holiday, which is celebrated annually in Azerbaijan during the days of grenade gathering.

On the days of the holiday, in the city of Goychay, considered the center of Azerbaijan's grenadiership, exhibitions are held where gardeners

demonstrate various grades of pomegranate, pomegranate juices, jams,


Europa in Sheki

Everyone who wants to get acquainted with European countries, their culture and traditions,

and everyone who wants to have fun, are invited to the "European Campaign" (September 22-23), which will be held in Sheki.

An unforgettable, cheerful day awaits you at the fair of European,